RAM (Relationship Authorisation Manager) Update

Use RAM to manage your business authorisations in one place


Anyone who accesses ATO online services on behalf of a business or entity will need their own myGovID. Your myGovID is unique to you and cannot be shared. As it’s your personal identity, you should set it up using a personal email address and verify your identity with  your personal identity records. To set up your myGovID, download the myGovID app from the App Store or Google Play.

Link your myGovID to an ABN in RAM

To access ATO online services on behalf of a business or entity, your myGovID needs to be linked to the Australian business number (ABN) in RAM.

Find out how to link your myGovID to a business or entity in RAM by selecting your role:

Principal authority (including primary person) – person responsible for a business or entity
Authorised user or administrator – someone who acts on behalf of a business or entity.

Set up Authorisations

If you are a principal authority or authorisation administrator, you can create authorisations for employees and other individuals who work on behalf of the business.

You can authorise someone as an:

Authorisation administrator – a user who can create and manage authorisations for others
Authorised user – a user who can work on behalf of a business
Machine credential administrator (MCA) – a user who can create and manage machine credentials to interact with government online services through business software. Note that a Basic user cannot be authorised as a MCA.
Basic user – a user who can work on behalf of a business with a Basic identity strength in myGovID. You will need to re-authorise these users every 12 months. This is only available for a small number of participating government online services.

For each government online service, you can grant either:

Full access – to select government services
Custom access –to select government online services (currently limited to ATO services)
No access – to select government services.

To find out how to set up Authorisations (including helpful video link) click here.