Accounting Software for Farmers

Our firm started as a Wheatbelt-based firm over 40 years ago, and today continues to provide high level accounting and management services to numerous clients on the land or in country centres from Geraldton to Esperance.

We continually keep abreast of the developments in both the farming and accounting industries, ensuring we are uniquely placed to provide up-to-date, accurate advice. Over the last couple of years we have seen an increasing amount of data available to farmers, through the use of apps on smart phones and other devices. We would like to share some information on several desktop and cloud-based products that are available to assist farmers.


Agrimaster is desktop accounting and budgeting software developed specifically for the agricultural industry. There are currently two versions of Agrimaster:

  • Agrimaster Farm Manager: Agrimaster Farm Manager is a full-featured accounting product with Cashbook, Internet Banking, Full Budgets, Quick Budgets, Reporting and Tax Compliance. File Manager is the backup, restore and sharing feature within Agrimaster that allows users to manage and access files easily and securely.
  • Agrimaster-Plus: The Agrimaster Plus subscription has all the Agrimaster Farm Manager features, together with an integrated payroll solution called Wagemaster. Wagemaster is a comprehensive payroll program which allows users to manage 5 full time employees and up to 30 additional casual/seasonal employees. It is Single Touch Payroll and SuperStream compliant and in line with all the legislative requirements.



Xero’s cloud accounting software lets rural businesses automate routine tasks and work from a single online ledger.
Xero connects your accounts with your accountant, bookkeeper, bank and farming consultant. It’s all run on a single ledger online, so your team is working together with the same information in real-time.

Xero works hand-in-hand with farming business applications, like Figured, to provide online accounting, livestock reporting and budgeting. Farmers, accountants, advisors and banks can all see the same ledger online, so they know the financial, livestock and equity position in real-time.


MYOB AccountRight is accounting software, with business management capabilities. AccountRight can manage jobs, inventory and multiple company accounts.  The software is installed on the desktop but can then be used on and off-line. There are currently two versions of MYOB AccountRight:

  • MYOB AccountRight Plus
  • MYOB AccountRight Premier

MYOB Essentials is an online accounting solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers tools for tax management, invoicing, payroll, expenses and reporting. The solution can also be accessed by downloading the MYOB OnTheGo app for Android and iOS devices.

MYOB Essentials allows users to view cash flow and manage payroll, and business owners can manage bills by linking stored  bills and invoices with the appropriate accounts. This also helps in preparing and filing tax returns. Cloud-based storage enables real-time updates to taxes and forms.


Figured is online software that provides farmers with a better way to financially manage their farming operation. Its production planning and farm budgeting tools work seamlessly with online accounting software, Xero, enabling farmers to plan ahead with confidence and easily re-forecast when conditions change. Figured delivers the farm management information and Xero provides the accounting platform. Information flows seamlessly between the two, creating one financial platform with everything at your fingertips. Figured has an integration with a leading agronomy software, Agworld, to create a powerful link between farm production plans and financial outcomes. 

An integration has also recently been introduced between the Figured software and the AgriWebb livestock management tool.