Millbrook on The Williams

The town of Williams is located 160km South East of Perth on the Albany Highway. Here you will find the historical Millbrook homestead, originally built in 1850 of red clay bricks in English bond with a shingled roof, the homestead itself added on in 1870. It is one of first buildings built in Williams which was settled in 1836 and became an important watering stop in between Perth and Albany.

Over the years Millbrook has been purposed as a general store, coffee palace, butchers shop and a school classroom. Today the homestead has been lovingly restored for use as an Art Gallery and Function Centre as well as being a private residence for Graham and Verna Harding.

Over the last 24 years that they have owned the 20 hectare property, Millbrook has been landscaped and a magnificent garden established, home to many quirky art works and scupltures including a replica of French Impressionist painter Claude Monet’s Bridge with accompanying rowboat.

In restoring Millbrook, Graham and Verna have not only provided a service to future generations and state heritage but also supported the local community growth through arts and tourism.

Millbrook has hosted large musical events such as Shiraz & Jazz as well as art exhibitions, weddings, photo shoots, garden tours and fashion and charity events.

The Gallery and Gardens are open by appointment.